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romansilence's Journal

I started reading fanfiction at the turn of the century. In the beginning I only read Xena fanfiction (alt, with a focus on Xena/Gabrielle) and Missy Good's Dar and Kerry stories. Later I added other fandoms (see my list of interests) and then I did either the smartest or the most stupid thing in my life: I started to write fanfiction, and it's developed into an addiction that still has to loosen its grip on me, though I have to admit that I don't write particularly fast.
bones, buffy, callas, charmed, clannad, classics, csi, dupres, dvds, eating, etheridge, fanfiction (femslash): babylon5, fantasy, fitzgerald, gym, haskil, hendricks, history books, law&order: svu, legend of the seeker, mahalia jackson, music: mckennitt, ncis, reading: lesbian fiction, stargate, startrek: ds9, startrek: voyager, triyann, warehouse 13, wilson, women's murder club, x-files, xena